Process management

The process management has to master the complexity of processes and ensure  their efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.

InSysteA's offers its customers a high performing and holistic Lean - process management.

We are applying standardized (VSM, OEE, Flow and Data Diagrams, 6 Sigma, …) as well as advanced, universally applicable
(System Engineering, Business Process Modeling) methods, suitable to master complex and dynamic processes.
For this reason we have enhanced the focus on the application of System Dynamics Methodology.

The objectives of process management are aligned with Key Performance Indicators (KPI),
which enable our customers to determine and deploy the solutions with optimized benefit.

For instance,

  • In industry:
    Reduction of cycle time and inventories (reduction of operating costs, reduction of cleaning and set up times), maximization of capacity and throughout, resources and asset management (OEE, maximization of utilization, minimization of investment), risk mitigation and control of product development and manufacturing processes, ...
  • In service companies and public administration:
    Simplification of the structure (reduction of the number of processes and interfaces),
    improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of processes, ressources management, risk  management, resources and asset management, …

InSysteA's integrated model based Lean process management approach allows a complementary focus on strategic considerations, such as resources, capabilities and values, enables customers to answer the strategic development questions about their organization's performance.

The integrated use of such process management  leverages any scattered application and results in an integrated solution.


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